Preston TaeKwonDo provides a recognised structured programme

Khalid side kick preston taekwondo

We teach a  wide range of self-defence routines.  They become more complex as the students’ progress through the syllabus.  With determination we can get you to black belt standard.  We believe that those with determination succeed in life.  We improve co-ordination, general fitness and flexibility.  We teach complex kicking techniques for those capable.  The overall NWTKD training programme improves confidence, assertiveness and self-discipline.  We have examinations to monitor improvements and competition for those wanting to get national recognition.

Preston TaeKwonDo provides TaeKwonDo for all

Kids line up preston taekwondo
Low grade line up

We have had many individual and family group successes.  This one of the few sports that the family can progress together.   Teenagers use training to channel their energies into a constructive sport.   It develops both mind and body to help give a great balance between academic and physical well-being.  We also have a good number of adult individuals who love the challenge of mastering the wide variety of exercises and techniques that taekwondo offers.

Preston TaeKwonDo provides recognised qualifications

John and Ruby preston taekwondo
John and Ruby receive black belt

Children attain their black belt 1st Dan and often go on to great things.  Many of our students go off to university with this qualification that shows the outstanding ability of the child.  This year one of student black belts went on to study at Cambridge university.  The taekwondo qualification helped demonstrate to the selectors that he was self motivated, resourceful and willing to learn.  Our testimonials show that our students remember and cherish their experience with us.

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