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Preston taekwondo self defence techniques
Students in free sparring action

The Preston taekwondo clubs have a busy time over the next 4 months with 3 local competitions.  The first of these competitions took place in Liverpool.

In April NWTKD students went to the North West GTI in Liverpool.  We came away with almost 20 medals in total.  The competition was mainly patterns and free sparring.     One of Preston students , Radolaw,  won silver medal in the patterns event.  Congratulations to him and all the other students.

Preston taekwondo competition
Radoslaw Silver in GTI compettion








Preston Mini Competition July 2016

Well done to all students from Preston who entered the competition in July.  This competition we invited the GBTF headed by Mr Roger Lawrence.  The Preston students got gold in men free sparring and child’s special techniques.

Alvin in action winning gold medal

Alex performed a flying side over students to break the breaker with a side kick.

Radoslaw below receiving his gold medal.


Radoslaw in action winning gold medal
Radoslaw in action winning gold medal



Kids group at the compettion
Kids group at the compettion


preston taekwondo
Girls patterns team after winning their bronze medal
Competition Succeses

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