Preston  TaeKwonDo Club

Preston TaeKwonDo is the complete and ideal martial art for all the family.

Preston TaeKwonDo is perfect to be able to channel energies toward a constructive and internationally recognised martial art.  Ideal for improving fitness and leads to a prestigious qualification.

Preston TaeKwonDo has produced over 300 black belts in this area and have an unblemished record of dependable service.

If you are serious about obtaining a recognised qualification and  you would like further information about the training, the locations or how to start then contact us now using the CONTACT FORM tab.

If you would like a beginners pack then please ask! Speak to Gill or Brian 01772 671254 [mobile 07938 719053]

Our classes are recognised by the Preston Leisure services

Preston TaeKwonDo Family ClassesWuppalapatis NWTKD

Preston TaeKwonDo is perfect for families who can train and develop as a unit.   Children can progress under the watchful guidance of their parents and share their successes together.  You go at your own pace, persevere and we’ll guarantee to get you to black black.

Preston TaeKwonDo Tiny TitansTiny Titans scheme Preston Taekwondo

Preston TaeKwonDo has a special syllabus for children over the age of 7 years of age.  The syllabus allows the children to learn the techniques in bite size chunks.  We have a combination of practical activities, theory, co-ordination and balance skills development and fun exercises.  Progression is awarded with gold stars for their belt and certificates.

Preston TaeKwonDo Child Classeskids in action

Many parents tell us how Preston TaeKwonDo has changed their attitude and confidence.  Confidence, being fair and assertive helps avoid conflict with others, whether in school or in public situations.  During training the children feel part of our group  who’s rule is to be courteous to each other and not abuse their knowledge. These children are the ones who go on to become worthy black belts.  With Preston TaeKwonDo confidence is believing in yourself and having a positive frame of mind.

Many parents have said that their children’s school performance has improved since starting training.

Preston TaeKwonDo Teenagers TrainingDarford NWTKD in action

Preston TaeKwonDo provide teenagers with elements of their duke of Edinburgh schemes.  We also have a TaeKwonDo cadet-ship for when they reach black belt.  The cadet-ship scheme enables them to develop skills further and progress in other areas.  Our teenagers develop confidence and love to compete at local and national competition level.

Preston TaeKwonDo Adults TrainingU shape block NWTKD

Preston Taekwondo provides ladies and gents with a mechanism to channel energies into a purposeful and well constructed syllabus.  The training is interesting, dynamic and a real stress buster after a busy working day.  We have produced many hundreds of a black belts since the inception of Preston TaeKwonDo in 1984.

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